BMG has terminated its contract with Roger Waters

BMG has terminated its contract with Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters over comments he made about Israel, Ukraine, and the United States, as reported by Variety.

The company, which signed a contract with Waters in 2016 and was set to release a re-recorded version of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album, decided to end the agreement following remarks made by Waters. The new CEO of BMG, Thomas Kesfeld, reportedly canceled the contract after assuming office, and the company is now preparing to completely cease cooperation with the co-founder of Pink Floyd.

Waters faced criticism for expressing views on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, condemning the US and its allies, and supporting the attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel.

We will remind that in February 2023, during a meeting of the UN Security Council, Waters said that he considered the Russian invasion of Ukraine “provoked”. He also openly condemned the US and other partners of Ukraine and opposed the supply of Western weapons to Kyiv.

Consequently, some of his concerts were canceled, and he faced refusals for accommodation in hotels in Argentina and Uruguay.