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Please Read - Guidelines For Posts In Accommodation. #1
Dear members,

When posting a thread in the accommodation forum it will prove most useful to yourself if you provide as much information as possible for the apartment/cottage/dacha you intend on selling or renting out.

It has been proven over the years that potential buyers/renters want to know about the following:

Rental Price / Selling Price
No of Rooms
Room size(s) (give details)

Type of Renovation: (Euro, Western, Soviet, Modern-Russian)

Furnished: Yes/No (give details - Washing machine, dishwasher, air-con, water heater, bed, wardrobe, etc)

Closest metro station and the distance to that metro station on foot.

Distance in minutes to shops; (for an average person, laden with heavy shopping)

Apartment Particulars:
Lockable individual doors, Metal outer door, Key-code, Lift/Stairs only, Garbage Chute, Adjustable Heating(on/off/guage/none)

Information about the current landlord/lady. Any problems or conflicts ?

Photographs are important.

Be sure to add images of the property, again, this is a strong selling point and will assist you greatly, members WILL ask and will want to see what the property looks like before they take the initial step of contacting you.

Remember: It makes sense to give as much detail as possible, this will cut down on timewasters.

The moderators and admin reserve the right to remove any threads which they deem are fundamentally lacking in information.

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