Community and Membership

How can my business help support Radio Free Ukraine and earn the undying gratitude of all our loyal listeners?

Radio Free Ukraine welcomes participation in our station from our business partners, especially when that participation involves a donation!

The local business supporters of Radio Free Ukraine recognize that supporting independent public radio in Ukraine is the best way to get the word out about their services. Radio Free Ukraine can help you today to customize an underwriting package to meet your long- or short-term businesses needs. By underwriting on Radio Free Ukraine you'll be able to reach a smart, progressive crowd that already has a stake in their community. You may support an individual program (check out our eclectic mix on our Schedule Page) or establish a random rotation schedule for maximum exposure. Contact Radio Free Ukraine at I want to Advertise or +38 0667341620 today to talk about supporting Radio Free Ukraine!

How can my non-profit community organization partner with Radio Free Ukraine?

Radio Free Ukraine is always seeking to connect with other community organizations in Ukraine. Our Community Council is charged with outreach and networking with the greater Ukraine community, and would be thrilled to hear from any community organizations interested in partnering or networking with Radio Free Ukraine. The Community Council may be reached by email at I want to Partner.

I’d like to give Radio Free Ukraine some tickets to give away on the air. Who do I contact?

You may donate tickets to Radio Free Ukraine by contacting I want to Give Away Tickets. Please note that donating tickets does not guarantee they will be given away; it is up to each DJ’s individual discretion whether to give away tickets on their show. Consider finding a show on the Radio Free Ukraine Schedule that plays similar music and contacting the programmer directly to increase your chances of a giveaway.

How can I get a Public Service Announcement for my community organization played on Radio Free Ukraine?

Radio Free Ukraine is delighted to consider playing Public Service Announcements for worthy community and/or local non-profit organizations. Contact our Development Director at I want A PSA for details.

Get Involved

Radio Free Ukraine We are currently looking for volunteers in the areas of php programming, translating, news manager and of course, On-Air personalities. Just send us a note to Радіо Вільної України Мы ищем волонтеров в таких сферах как php программирование, перевод, менеджеры новостей и конечно ведущих для прямых эфиров. Пишите нам
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